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May 5, 2014

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May 5, 2014
Munich, Germany
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Munich Airport Satellite Terminal, Munich, Germany

In order to be able to handle around 11 million additional passengers per year from 2015 onwards, Terminal 2 at Munich Airport is currently being expanded in the form of a satellite terminal. The fact that the new building has to be constructed during normal operations, presents great challenges for the contractor. PERI has supplied a complete solution consisting of formwork, scaffolding and engineering – and convinced both the construction company and the scaffolding contractor with its safer and faster system technology as well as a customized package of services.

Carrying out construction work while taxiing operations are proceeding as usual is a major challenge for the site personnel – this is especially true for the satellite terminal at Munich Airport, which disposes a launch capacity of 90 aircraft movements. In addition to this, the new satellite building encloses the apron tower and incorporates the existing baggage sorting centre which must be completely accessible at all times. An absolute priority is to ensure that the entire airport operations remain unaffected while, at the same time, complying with the high level of security measures.

So as to meet all the requirements of the clients, a PERI UP scaffolding completely shielded the construction site from the airport operations. Apart from the cleverly devised scaffolding construction, which also serves as a working scaffold for the facade contractors, PERI has provided a comprehensive shoring solution along with formwork technology.

Lightweight MULTIPROP post shores carrying maximum loads

The composite steel construction for the satellite terminal is being realised by Hochtief Solutions AG of Hannover. Hollow and box profiles made of steel are used as supporting, main and secondary beams, with trapezoidal sheeting as slab basic elements. Assembly of the steel construction takes place in sections with a grid dimensions of 8 m x 12 m. Around 4,500 MULTIPROP Slab Props MP 625 carry the steel skeleton when assembled until the concrete that has been placed has hardened. Thanks to their low individual weight of only 35 kg, the aluminum props can easily be handled manually – although with the enormous extension length of 6.25 m they carry up to 5.8 t.

In addition, PERI UP modular scaffolding is being used as shoring in other areas. The scaffold features 25 cm grid dimensions and consistently adapts to the range of different loads; the supporting construction meets project demands through optimized material requirements. Rapid assembly and universal utilisation possibilities, together with the high level of work safety, are the decisive advantages for the construction team.

Apart from the use of the proven TRIO panel formwork, the PERI project manager enhanced the overall solution in particular by ensuring on-schedule planning and punctual deliveries of materials which are then continuously and flexibly adapted to suit the actual construction process.

The PERI UP modular scaffold – easy to handle and quickly assembled

A more than 600 m long, 21 m high scaffold construction provides a reliable, hermetic separation of the construction site from the airfield. PERI specialists fulfilled the strict planning and static specifications by means of a comprehensive planning process.

Taking into consideration all stages of construction and other boundary conditions, PERI design engineers planned 7 m wide bridging in order to provide protection for baggage transport operations taking place directly underneath as well as scaffolding anchors with 6 m distance to the steel construction. RCS climbing rails from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit and push-pull props from the accessory product range were ideally integrated into the scaffolding concept. The PERI solution also includes all technical documentation as well as all required static calculations.

In addition to this comprehensive solution, that perfectly fulfils all project requirements, PERI scaffolding technology also provides safety and assembly advantages. Thus, design details, such as the integrated protection against lifting and gap-free decking surfaces in all areas, support the fast assembly procedure through the team from scaffolding contractor Gloser.

The satellite terminal

Opened in 2003, Terminal 2 at Munich Airport handles around 25 million passengers annually. Since this nominal capacity limit no longer meets the demands, further expansion of the infrastructure is necessary. Currently, the complex is being extended through the construction of a satellite terminal which is scheduled for completion of construction in 2015. With 52 gates, 39 passenger boarding bridges and 27 aircraft stands positioned close to the building, the new structure will create the capacity to handle an additional eleven million passengers a year.

The over 600 m long and up to 80 m wide new airport building is connected via an underground automated people mover (APM) system to Terminal 2. As a landside connection is missing, the new development is considered as an extension to the existing terminal. All extension and conversion work is being carried out during daily airport operations. Airport operator FMG and Lufthansa are realizing the project together, with a total investment amounting to 650 million euros.