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New Product: PD-5 Frame Shoring Tower

Oct 2, 2019

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Oct 2, 2019
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PERI’s Take on 10K Shoring Towers

Formwork Manufacturer PERI has launched a new lightweight frame shoring tower, PD-5.

“10K Shoring” has been a generic term in the US concrete industry for decades for simple frame towers, used for tall shoring applications. The 10K stands for 10,000 lbs. capacity. And while formwork manufacturers have since come up with many other sophisticated, time and labor saving shoring options, 10K continues to have its place in any contractors shoring portfolio.

With PD-5, PERI is now bringing the smart features of some of their higher-tier products to traditional 10K shoring frames. This includes the innovative PERI-UP gravity lock to diagonal brace connections as well as new double pins for vertical frame connections, resulting in less parts and pieces needed for assembly and less parts to lose than with conventional systems.

The square profiles of the horizontal bars on the PD-5 frames ensure compatibility with PERI’s standard scaffolding parts, such as decks, for safer access during erection and dismantling of the system and ledger-to-ledger connections, for bracing several towers together or creating a safe guardrail solution within the shoring towers. Of course, towers can also be braced using standard pipe bracing or timber with scaffold adapters.

The system is flexible in height and width to accommodate all building geometries and lightweight, with no piece heavier than 48 lbs.

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