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Avoiding the Plywood Pricing Perils

Sep 29, 2021

PERI’s DUO Delivers Post-Pandemic

For decades, lumber, steel, aluminum, and plywood have been the standard in U.S. formwork. Enter a global pandemic that has disrupted supply chains and caused huge spikes in the price of lumber and steel, and the paradigm has changed for everyone in the construction industry.

Consider this. In 2018, plywood cost $582 per thousand board feet. In the summer of 2021, that price increased to more than $1,300 per thousand board feet. That represents an increase of more than 230%. A price jump that big creates ripple effects down the chain, adding substantial costs to the construction of everything from a commercial structure to a single-family home.

With high costs and low supplies – and a residential housing market that’s booming – contractors must find new solutions to stay on budget and on schedule.

DUO from PERI is challenging the state of the industry with its Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) formwork system that delivers quality concrete finish without the need for plywood and added equipment.

DUO: Strength and Versatility

DUO Lightweight Handset Formwork removes the need for plywood and creates custom solutions for walls, columns, and slabs. The FRP engineered solution achieves its strength through fiber reinforced polymers, allowing a permissible concrete pressure of 1050 PSF for walls and 1650 PSF for columns while maintaining the lightweight attributes of polymer.

Regardless of the application, DUO assembles in the same manner, saving on the initial investment costs, storage space, and trucking costs down the road. The system is designed to be handled without the need for a crane, but when a crane is available, entire sections can be conveniently lifted using a simple crane hook connector.

Additionally, in markets with a shortage in skilled labor, DUO delivers an intuitive assembly sequence. Crews connect the components using a red coupler resembling a door handle in appearance, making it simpler to install. DUO assembles without the need for equipment, saving additional time and money to set up formwork for walls, slabs, columns, and foundations.

Getting a Plan Together

Planning for DUO has never been easier with the use of QuickSolve, a range of planning tools from PERI intended to simplify everyday construction and plan, form, and synchronize floor plans without the use of complex software. QuickSolve is free and easily accessible online from anywhere without having to install anything.

Selecting DUO means choosing a universal, cost-effective, safe, and functional solution for buildings of all kinds. In the current environment, it can represent substantial cost savings while delivering reliability and peace of mind to construction crews and building owners.

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