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Case Study: Mattapan Station, Boston MA

Sep 27, 2021

The Loop at Mattapan Station


Architect: The Architectural Team, Inc.
General Contractor: Dellbrook | JKS
Customer: Marguerite Concrete
Location: Boston, MA


Customer’s Benefits:

  • Safe and lightweight systems saved time and increased site productivity. 
  • Simple and systematic assembly sequencing required minimal training and accelerated operations. 
  • SKYDECK drophead system allowed early stripping with props staying in place while main beams and panels were used on the next level. 


City Living

The Loop at Mattapan Station in Boston, Massachusetts, is a mixed-use redevelopment project adjacent to the Mattapan MBTA Red Line Station. The project includes a new building with 135 residential units and 10,000 square feet of commercial retail space. The transit-oriented property will provide affordable and market-rate housing, a variety of transportation options, and direct access to the Neponset River Greenway. 

The start of construction for the building was delayed, and crews needed a high-production slab formwork system backed by engineering and logistics support to make up for lost time.

Safe & Efficient

Marguerite Concrete had experience with PERI Formwork Solutions and knew that PERI delivered greater efficiency, ease of use, and increased safety on a work site.  

The project team originally intended to use plywood decking and wood beams but switched to PERI’s SKYDECK aluminum panels – a faster and lighter product – to allow them to quickly and safely install shoring and strip it for post-tension slabs. 

“There wasn’t much of a learning curve when we transitioned from the traditional truss and plywood system to the PERI SKYDECK system,” said Jason Gouveia, superintendent with Marguerite Concrete. “The carpenters found it much easier and a lighter system to use. Production was increased exponentially.”

Crews selected PERI’s SKYDECK slab formwork system with dropheads for the first level structural slab and the second level post-tension slab. Workers cycled the panels and beams of the 20,000 square feet of SKYDECK to the subsequent pours while props, dropheads, and cover strips remained in place as reshores. 

In combination with SKYDECK, MULTIFLEX was used around thicker areas and columns so less equipment would be needed, delivering a safer and more cost-competitive solution for those tight sections. 

For the connecting overpass, the crew used 5,000 square feet of PD 5 shoring to support heights up to 20 feet. PD 5 allowed crews to set up taller shoring areas by hand with a lightweight system. 

Engineered Support

PERI SKYDECK slab formwork accelerates working operations with systematic assembly and lightweight components. The small prop requirements ensure freedom of movement under the slab formwork and simplify the horizontal transportation of materials. SKYDECK features early striking with the drophead system, reducing on-site material requirements. 

PERI’s MULTIFLEX main and cross beams and their position and spacing can be freely selected, providing the maximum flexibility. The MULTIFLEX system is an ideal solution for complicated ground plans and forming operations in confined spaces. It can be used in conjunction with other systems to deliver optimal solutions for the unique details of every project. 

PERI PD 5 shoring system assembles quickly and features simple, safe handling because of low component weight and sophisticated frame design. PD 5 is cost-effective and simple, making it suitable for slab formwork and beams across all segments.

In Service

PERI began working with the project team in Spring 2021. The project is expected to be complete in Spring 2022.