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Innovative Systems for craft producers – Competence in project solutions for planners

Jan 19, 2017

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Jan 19, 2017
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PERI in Munich at the beginning of the year

What can one of the largest internationally operating suppliers of scaffolding and formwork systems possibly offer smaller construction companies, tradesman or municipal building enterprises? And with what services does the manufacturer also support the planning phase for construction projects? PERI answered these questions and much more to visitors at the BAU 2017. At the beginning of the year, PERI presented in Munich great solutions to trade fair visitors – and gained particularly positive acclaim.

The world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems in Munich sets benchmarks in the industry every two years. PERI also took the opportunity to participate in the very important meeting place in the industry in January 2017.

Through numerous large and demanding construction and infrastructure projects, PERI is extremely well-known and enjoys a huge reputation in formwork and scaffolding construction, and the acquired know-how can very easily be transferred to smaller construction sites and typical tradesman applications. Concreting work, e.g. for foundations, retaining walls or other small-scale applications, is also an activity, for example, in the gardening and landscaping sectors. Scaffolding and working platforms are required in many trades as well as construction-related industries. PERI not only supplies best fitting products, but also supports its customers throughout the entire construction process, starting with planning services through to continuous monitoring during project execution. This also pays off for planners and architects who benefit from the high PERI competence.

Extensive product portfolio from props to scaffold systems and stopend formwork to clamps

With a smaller format, more flexible, easier to handle and a therefore more efficient utilization for many applications – PERI presented its latest developments in formwork and scaffolding technology at BAU 2017. The innovative PERI UP Easy facade scaffolding system and the PERI DUO light-weight formwork, made of a fibre-reinforced technopolymer, were exhibited on the fair stand to demonstrate just how the PERI development department has implemented these goals.

The innovation performance from PERI regarding the PERI UP Easy facade scaffold was clearly placed in the foreground. The scaffold system is currently undergoing approval procedure and was one focal point of the stand demonstrations. Low weights, a reduced number of components and simple hand movements with the mostly tool-free assembly and dismantling are one aspect of this new type of frame scaffolding. The high level of working safety due to the guardrail mounted in advance shows the second important side of the scaffolding. This results in a wide range of advantages, particularly for the users – but also the planners benefit from the possibilities with this new system. In addition, PERI provides all project participants with outstanding solution competence and a wide range of services, providing continuous support in the project business.

Another main focus at the PERI fair stand was the lightweight DUO Universal Formwork for walls, slabs, columns, and foundations which are constructed by means of a new technical polymer. The panels are especially light and therefore easy to move by hand around the construction site or on the ground. The connecting elements consist of the same technopolymer, and assembly is carried out using a few easy steps. Less experienced users can also quickly learn how to handle the formwork with very little training required.


* Please note that German general building inspectorate approval for PERI UP Easy has been applied for but has not been issued yet. Pending the granting of the approval, the use of PERI UP Easy is possible if prior authorization is obtained from the relevant building authority in each individual case. No authorization is required in Austria and Switzerland.