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Oct 11, 2016

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Oct 11, 2016
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Digitalisation of construction processes by CENTRIO CLM

Software firm CENTRIO is a subsidiary of PERI GmbH, specialising in the digitalisation of the construction industry. The CENTRIO CLM software solution offered by CENTRIO has already been used successfully for 20 years to manage data and information at PERI, and has been continually reinvented and refined throughout that time. Now the system is being offered to external customers too. The focus of CENTRIO CLM is a digital construction file combining all data and information in a clear system.

CLM stands for Construction Lifecycle Management and helps users manage the complex data for their construction projects. The software solution has been used for many years by over 3,000 people in PERI's regional companies to network information efficiently and to simplify cooperation between the various teams in the projects. Other companies in the construction industry can now profit too from this comprehensive practical experience.

CENTRIO CLM supports all the stages of a construction project

Large data volumes and an array of documents emerge in the course of the construction processes. The challenge comes from making sure all participants are kept up-to-date with the latest version. This not only applies to large complex projects, but also especially when a construction company is dealing with a number of smaller construction sites simultaneously. CENTRIO CLM creates transparency, reduces costs and saves time.

CENTRIO CLM collates all the relevant information for a construction project centrally in a “digital construction file”. Everyone involved in the project can then access the information there at any time. All data and documents produced during the operational processes of a project are networked in a clear structure, with CENTRIO CLM providing the necessary clarity during construction projects. In brief: Cooperation becomes much simpler because all participants in the company are working from the same knowledge base.

Specifically, CENTRIO CLM is capable of managing files of every kind, such as Office documents, emails, images and CAD illustrations. Both internal corporate structures and customer and competitor data can be organised in the system using an address database. Universal structures can be defined for construction projects, guaranteeing a standardised storage approach. Indexing and a variety of filter options substantially accelerate information searches. Additionally, versioning documents with a defined status history enables users to track modifications.

User-friendly and versatile

All CENTRIO CLM functions can be accessed via a web browser and are optimised in terms of user-friendliness. All documents, for example, can be added to the system via drag and drop. A variety of add-ins – e.g. Microsoft Outlook – allow users to edit data in a familiar working environment.

The system generates PDF files automatically from all important data for despatch to external project participants, which radically minimises workloads. A hyperlink is also available for every object, which can be forwarded internally rather than the original data. This not only takes pressure off the internal network, but also guarantees that all recipients are always working with the latest versions. CENTRIO CLM works with logical links rather than the often duplicated data storage created by conventional systems. Thus, a document can be assigned simultaneously to a construction project, an employee and to a service.

Far-reaching use

All standard applications and systems can be incorporated into CENTRIO CLM. Corresponding add-ins are available for Microsoft Office and for CAD software. CENTRIO CLM also has interfaces for data exchange with external systems, such as SAP.


CENTRIO is a company of the PERI Group, specialising in software development. Its aim is to digitalise construction, guaranteeing a transparent overview of all workflows at all times. A combination of sound know-how and independent, agile start-up, CENTRIO is a partner that understands the needs of its customers precisely, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

As a company of the PERI Group, CENTRIO draws its know-how from far-reaching experience in the construction and construction supply industry. This broad expertise helps the CENTRIO team to integrate complex processes and project structures in a clear and networked IT solution. CENTRIO enables its customers to prepare extensive information structures transparently and to network them clearly.

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