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When forming the slab, work is completely carried out from a safe position below; the panels are simply hooked in and then pivoted upwards.
Universal formwork for walls, slabs, and columns
Intuitive, versatile, and lightweight for quick application, crane-free handling, and reduced transport requirements.

Simply Versatile


DUO universal handset formwork delivers the durability of traditional systems with the sustainability of modern formwork. Made from fiber reinforced polymer, DUO is 100% recyclable and lightweight, featuring components that weigh no more than 55 lbs. for easy maneuvering. The DUO system can be used to form walls, columns, and slabs with reduced tooling requirements..

  • Ideal for foundations, retaining walls, site wall, columns, enclosed slabs, and abutments
  • Highly intuitive assembly 
  • Minimal components
  • Lightweight for ease of transport
  • Panels can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% recyclable materials, reducing construction site waste 
  • Panels can be easily converted for reuse to construct walls, columns, and slabs 
The universal lightweight formwork for walls, columns and slabs

DUO Brochure

DUO system overview, components, and project examples

Download the DUO brochure

Lighter, Faster, Easier

Introducing DUO, an intuitive, lightweight, convertible formwork system featuring 100% recyclable materials and enables one-man assembly.

An Introduction to DUO

One Man Assembly Demonstration 

DUO Projects

Browse projects and see DUO formwork systems on-site

A Home for a Hero 

PERI teamed up with McCarthy and the St. Louis Community to support building a home for a police officer tragically injured in the line of duty. The project was the first time McCarthy used DUO handset formwork on a residential foundation. 

Learn more about the project 

Eugene Fish Ladder 

An upgrade to the Fall Creek Reservoir fish facility was necessary to comply with current environmental criteria and provide safe transportation species. The project came with many complexities including the restriction of a tower crane, which resulted in RSCI selecting DUO handset formwork, ultimately reducing equipment costs.

Watch the video to learn more

Trejam Residential 

This 3-story single family beach home was one of the first projects in the US to use DUO. The contractor did a side-by-side test of DUO against a stick-framing and plywood method. Read how DUO performed against the traditional formwork. 

Learn more about the project

Public Works Building

After using DUO on a previous project, the contractor selected the lightweight handset formwork to construct the columns of a new 254,000 square-foot Orange County administration building. The adjustability of the system allowed for easy adaptation on various column cross-sections and height.

Watch the video to learn more

Hear from DUO Users

"The main advantages of DUO are the lightweight, the strength, the rate of pour they will withstand, the engineering - you can use the outside corners for inside corners and vice versa - it's a very easy system to work with."

Mario Cirio 
General Foreman, McCarthy Building Companies

"Our project was one of the test-sites for DUO in the US, so we have been using the system for a few months already and are really happy. You can’t beat how simple and light it is."

Robbie Boccabello
Vice President/Co-Owner, Bocci Group Inc.

My #1 priority is to keep these guys safe. Due to the weight of the system and hand maneuverability, it allows us to eliminate equipment, and the guys can safely move the product.

Robert DiPietro
General Superintendent, Swinerton

DUO Demonstrations

Access DUO demonstration videos for your next project

How to clean DUO

How to strike with DUO

How to install props

How to install stopends

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