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Orange County Public Works Building - Santa Ana, CA

Project data

Location: Santa Ana, CA, United States

The construction of the sister building, in terms of design and size, to the Orange County Administration South building (Building 16), County Administration North building (Building 14) is underway. The 6-story facility will house the Board of Supervisor offices and hearing chamber.

As a result of their previous experience using the lightweight formwork system, Swinerton, the contractor for the project, selected the PERI DUO Handset Column formwork to construct the 22ʺ x 22ʺ size columns of the 254,000 square-foot structure. The lightweight, strength, quick assembly, and simplicity of parts of DUO, has provided significate savings to the contractor. It has enabled Swinerton to change their crew mixes to reduce labor costs per hour while increasing productivity.

According to Swinerton, freight and fabrication times are reduced on tight project sites where space has been limited and the assembly and stacking of forms have proven useful as compared to traditional formed swing gate systems. Additionally, the number of reuses achievable with the system provides a quick return on investment and allows for increased profit on future projects, making DUO Swinerton’s top choice for most column mid-rise structure projects.

The adjustability of the DUO formwork allows for the system to be easily adapted for use on various column cross sections and heights. To form the approximately 74 columns per level; 15 individual DUO column sets at 10ʹ-10ʺ tall are used for the two subterranean levels, and 17 DUO column sets at 13ʹ-3ʺ tall on level 1. The building transitions to steel columns above level 1.

Also, the DUO clamping system was specified to reduce the time spent point and patching columns, creating a finish to meet ACI class A/B finish requirements.

The project has an expected completion date in 2022.


  • Optimized labor productivity
  • Engineering and design support



Customer's benefit

  • Providing continuous engineering and site support to ensure safety of the crew and to make sure all system benefits are fully utilized.
  • Lightweight handset concrete forms reduce the labor needed and increase productivity.
Grady Lonigan
Direct, Self Perform Concrete

The crew loves the DUO. It is lightweight, it goes together easily, there are not a lot of pieces, and the finish is fantastic.

Robert DiPietro
General Superintendent

My #1 priority is to keep these guys safe. Due to the weight of the system and hand maneuverability, it allows us to eliminate equipment, and the guys can safely move the product. The guys can use it by themselves – we’re more productive, use less man-hours, and are more efficient on projects.

PERI solution

  • Excellent engineering and logistics support
  • High production column formwork system

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