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Fall Creek Reservoir and Fish Ladder

Project data

Location: Lowell, OR, United States

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers commissioned RCSI to upgrade the existing Fall Creek Reservoir fish facility to comply with current environmental criteria as well as build a new fish lab to transport native salmon and endangered species. The full project included a new fish ladder, pre-sort structure, fish crowder, transportation flumes, anesthetic tank, recovery tank, false weir, brail assembly, headbox dewatering flume, and post-sort structure.

The approximately two-year project came with many complexities, including the restriction of a tower crane, which resulted in the contractor selecting DUO handset formwork, ultimately reducing equipment costs. Originally RSCI bid to achieve a production rate of 0.16 man-hours per square foot with the DUO system. But, when workers began using the lightweight, durable, and intuitive formwork they were able to achieve 0.09 man-hours per square foot, cutting the production rate in almost half and providing additional cost savings to RSCI

DUO handset formwork system was primarily used to form the steps of the fishway.


  • Due to the tight site and geotechnical properties of the location, a tower crane was unable to be used.



RSCI Construction

Customer's benefit

  • Considerable cost savings with use of handset formwork
  • Fiber-reinforced formwork system increases crew productivity due to lightweight, few parts, and intuitive assembly sequence.
  • Economic formwork systems for water treatment plant construction.
Trent Dyksterhouse
Project Manager

From my standpoint, I’m looking at the productivity of the formwork. I rely heavily on what the people in the field recommend to me, and they had a lot of positive comments, we have been very impressed with the DUO formwork.

Corey Kesler

Not having a crane on site allowed us to purchase the DUO formwork, our production rates were about half with DUO compared to what we would have expected with a standard gang form system, reducing the cost further.

J.J. Hodgin

The learning process for the forms is simple, once you’ve done it a couple of times they go up easy. They are strong and durable, easy to clean, store, and much quicker and lighter than any other forms we have typically used for a job like this one. After working with the DUO formwork system, my back doesn’t hurt, it is just an easier system to use.

PERI solution

  • Lightweight handset concrete forms reduce labor needed and increase productivity.

PERI systems in use