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Wall Formwork

Wall Formwork was originally comprised of squared timbers and boards. This has resulted in modular systems that are characterized by a wide range of applications and long service life. Based on the respective construction, a distinction is made between girder wall formwork and panel formwork.

Wall Formwork
With the girder wall formwork, formwork girders support the formlining while steel profiles serve as walers. It can be individually adapted to accommodate complex shapes and high loads. In particular, architectural concrete structures with high requirements for surfaces and anchor patterns can often only be efficiently realized with girder wall formwork.

Panel Formwork
Panel formwork with frames made of steel or aluminium has considerably fewer individual components. Fixed panel sizes including formlining, system components for connections and wall connections, as well as other site-compliant detailed solutions, facilitate the fast forming of large areas. Also, the possibility to move larger units by crane accelerates formworking operations.