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Multi-purpose modular scaffolding for shoring, stair towers, reinforcement scaffold, working platforms, and more.

One System, Any Task


PERI UP modular scaffolding achieves maximum adaptability through intelligent, minimal component-design. Handle an extremely wide range of on-site tasks with just one system, including shoring, stair towers, reinforcement scaffolding, working platforms, façade scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, and more. Featuring integrated safety locks and a high load-bearing capacity, its efficient design allows for intuitive on-site assembly, as well as decreased storage, transportation, and investment costs and increased utilization rates

  • Same components can be used for shoring, stair towers, reinforcement scaffold, and working platforms, and more
  • Integrated safety features, including gravity locks, perforated decks, anti-lift locking, and covered working platforms
  • Minimal components for ease of assembly and conversion
  • Lightweight for ease of transport and installation
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Easy to clean
PERI UP Frame Working Scaffold T72,T104: Fast and safe assembly with guardrail in advance.

PERI UP Brochure

PERI UP system overview, components, and project examples


One and Done

PERI UP convertible scaffolding is a fully optimized, minimal component system, suitable for tackling almost any jobsite scaffolding requirement.

The PERI Integrated Scaffold Program (ISP)

PERI UP’s Optimized Components

PERI UP Projects

Browse projects and see PERI UP scaffolding systems on-site.

The Broad

Located in the bustling heart of downtown LA, the Broad Museum project required a quick, schedule-accelerating scaffolding system for its complicated honeycomb-like façade. With its self-locking decks, gravity lock ledgers, and limitless flexibility, PERI UP modular scaffolding fit the bill without compromising worker safety. 

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Swiss Krono USA Expansion

When it came to a 250,000 square foot expansion for the Swiss Krono energy plant and waste treatment facility in Woodlands. TX, AXIOS Industrial Group selected PERI UP modular scaffolding for its optimal adaptability, fast assembly, and incomparable safety features.

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Gulf Coast Expansion

The PERI Integrated Scaffold Program (ISP) allowed contractors to easily track the labor and material performance of the PERI UP modular scaffolding system for this immense, $5 billion expansion project on the Gulf Coast in Baytown, TX.

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Moynihan Train Hall

Industry-leading flexibility – it’s why Platinum Scaffolding Services selected the PERI UP modular scaffolding system for a $1.6 billion renovation at the James A. Farley Post Office in New York, NY, which included an expansive, wave-shaped skylight for a courtyard connecting the space to the historic Penn Station.

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Hear from PERI UP Users

“By combining the PERI scaffolding with the integrated scaffold program, provided by PERI, we are able to complete our tasks faster and with less men reducing the total man hours of the entire project. This combined system is a tremendous cost saver to all of our projects.“

Ron Fontenot 
ISBL Superintendent

Kyle Morden, Construction Manager, NWR Edmonton

“There are a number of challenges in the industry just in regard to cost. With the PERI UP system we can decrease the scaffolding market’s high direct labor costs. The collaboration with PERI and their support has been absolutely phenomenal – to ensure that productivity and efficiency have been met and our targets are on track.” (Excerpt from the original interview)

Kyle Morden
Construction Manager

PERI UP Demonstrations

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