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Broad Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Project data

Location: Los Angeles, United States

The Broad is a new contemporary art museum on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. With its innovative “veil-and-vault” concept, the 120,000 ft² building will feature 2 floors of gallery space to showcase The Broad Museums comprehensive collections. The entire structure is enveloped by PERI UP scaffolding to allow safe working operations on the honeycomb-like façade of the building, while VST towers and MULTIPROP provide shoring.


  • Safe, flexible and labor-saving scaffolding system


Peterson Scaffolding

Customer's benefit

  • The PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding system goes up quick thanks to time-saving features such as the gravity lock on ledgers as well as self-locking decks.
  • The system is flexible and easily adjusts to all building shapes and sizes, minimizing any lumber and planking required. This saves time and also makes the jobsite safer with fewer tripping hazards.
Miguel Ayala
West Coast Manager

„The PERI UP system is flexible and easy to work with, and it provides clean access to the work area. It is a light weight scaffold and easy to store the material in place. Overall it is the best material on the market.“

PERI solution

  • The PERI UP Flex Modular Scaffolding System is the ideal scaffolding solution for any access requirements

PERI systems in use