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VPS – High-Performance in Bridge Pier Construction

The new VARIOKIT Pier System

Safer, faster and easier: VARIOKIT Pier System (VPS) is a high-performance system that combines the advantages of self-spanning formwork and the traditional dancefloor formwork. 

With PERI VARIOKIT Pier System, you receive a versatile formwork system for the construction of bridge piers and pier caps. The two configurations VARIOKIT Speed Stage (VSS) and VARIOKIT Speed Column (VSC) help you to achieve optimum construction progress at the highest safety level.

Want a quick overview of VPS? This video shares what makes VPS innovative, economical, and safe.

Interested in how VPS is assembled and operated? This video shares the most important details including the system's features and benefits.

Fast Cycling Times and Reduced Material Demand

One-man handling and self-aligning X-Bolt connections reduce the assembly and disassembly time and thus saves on labor. Furthermore, with the innovative Split-Soffit method of the VARIOKIT Speed Stage you save crane time because the striking operation is crane independent. A crane is only required during the disassembly process for hoisting the sections to the ground.

Safe from the first step

The pre-installed safety system means that you can work at the highest safety level right from the start.

The complete platform and access safety is pre-assembled on the ground before lifting and installation of the cap system, thus providing a wide and safe workspace for rebar and cap formwork installation. Combination with the highly flexible PERI UP scaffolding system, allows for adaptation to almost any geometry. Time-consuming and unsafe temporary guardrail safety systems are therefore a thing of the past.

Easy handling for optimal results

The VARIOKIT Speed Column (VSC) configuration features fast handling and high pouring rates with excellent concrete finish. Monitor real time fresh concrete pressure by combining it with PERI Insite Concrete (ISC) Pressure Sensor technology (Coming Soon).

More comfort during cap installation

The VARIOKIT Speed Stage (VSS) allows direct access to the reinforcement at the highest safety level at all times. The side formwork is independent from the rest of system, which allows for high flexibility on the type of side formwork to use and the ability to cycle the side formwork the day after pouring.  

VARIOKIT Speed Stage (VSS) at a glance:

Short cycle and assembly times

Systematized occupational safety

Convenient reinforcement work and reduced material demand

How-To Videos: VARIOKIT Speed Stage (VSS)

Video 1: IPE 600 Assembly

Video 2: Speed Beams and Panels Assembly

Video 3: Platform Assembly

Video 4: Support Bracket Installation

VPS - A revolutionary system

A formwork system that has the potential to change your way of constructing bridges. Sound great? We are looking forward to showing you the product!

Product Flyer for Download

You can also find more information about VARIOKIT Pier System in the product flyer.

VARIOKIT Speed Column (VSC) at a glance:

Fast and easy handling

Fast concreting

High quality concrete finish

How-To Videos: VARIOKIT Speed Column (VSC)

Video 1: Preparing the First Corner

Video 2: Finishing the First Corner

Video 3: Erecting the First Corner and Closing

Technical facts:

  • Made for cross beams and hammer heads of bridge piers
  • Square and rectangular column cross-sections of up to 8' x 8'
  • Column cross-sections can be realised in 2" increments
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure: 2,000 psf tieless
  • Connection technology using X-Bolts and T-Bolts
  • Compatible with PERI InSite Construction (ISC) Pressure Sensors

Find out more about VARIOKIT Pier System VPS