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Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Biosolids Waste to Energy Project

Project data

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, United States

Designed to convert wastewater byproducts into methane gas, this project will allow the city of St. Petersburg to use its own byproduct to power its sanitation trucks as well as use the biogas to operate a new generator, which will burn off the extra biogas and produce heat and electricity for the Southwest plant. Using the biogas also generates revenue for the city thanks to a federal credit earned for renewable energy. For the construction of the plant PERI provided equipment to the General Contractor, Haskell, who self-performed most of the project and to the subcontractor, Acclaim Service Group. RUNDFLEX was used to form the round walls of the digester tanks and 42’ tall stacked MULTIPROP shoring towers were used to support the slab formwork. The contractor was able to assemble the tall shoring towers on the ground outside the tank and then pick and stack the pre-assembled segments inside the tank, resulting in major labor savings compared to conventional shoring systems. The Biosolids plant is expected to be completed in April 2019.


  • Dewatering Building, using PERI TRIO Formwork
  • Clarifier Tanks 17’ tall using PERI RUNDFLEX, also used smaller panels to pour the slab edge
  • Splitter Box using PERI TRIO Formwork
  • Batch Tanks using TRIO & MULTIFLEX (28 ft tall shoring).

Completed by Haskell


  • Digester Tanks using RUNDFLEX & MULTIFLEX for top slab
  • Gas Dome Walls using RUNDLFEX

Completed by Acclaim Service Group



Acclaim Service Group

Customer's benefit

The flexibility and height achievable with MULTIPROP Shoring towers saved a lot of labor compared to conventional solutions.

PERI solution