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One Chicago Square, Chicago, IL

Project data

Location: Chicago, United States

The two-tower complex is now under construction in the River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago. Replacing a surface parking lot, together the buildings will stretch almost an entire city block and contain residential housing, retail establishments such as Whole Foods, a gym, and a restaurant.

The 2.2 million square foot mixed-use development will comprise of a 971 feet tall tower with an estimated 74 floors, referred to as Tower A, and a 574 feet high tower with approximately 49 floors, Tower C. When completed, Tower A with 276 rental units and 77 condominiums will be the city’s sixth-tallest structure. The towers, connected by a central podium, will both have lookout points with views of the skyline and will be distinguishable from other buildings due to their unique tapering shape and glass curtain wall.  

Due to the free selection and adaptability of VARIO, it is being used to form the vertical shear walls, along with DOMINO, TRIO, and DUO panels. ACS Core 400 system is used for the construction of the core in both high-rises, to ensure quick and safe climbing. Additional safety of workers and the public below is ensured with PERI’s perimeter protection screens LPS (Light Protection Screen). The wire mesh screens allow natural light into the building while reducing wind loads.

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  • Core and wall formwork
  • Flexible shoring solution
  • Protection of the surrounding area and construction site team from construction debris and falling objects


James McHugh Construction 

Customer's benefit

  • Cost-effective formwork solutions
  • Flexible and easy climbing perimeter protection solution ensured the safety of workers above as well as public below
  • LPS wire mesh screens allow light and air into the building while reducing wind loads
Tom Kruszewski

The project had an aggressive schedule requiring all 4 phases of the project to be constructed simultaneously which required several unique formwork solutions. The construction sequence required a complicated core formwork solution that started in a forty-foot-deep earth retention system, various crane lifted walls and a complete perimeter of windscreens on both towers. McHugh Construction selected PERI Formwork Systems to supply and engineer the formwork that was instrumental in completing the project efficiently and ahead of schedule.

PERI solution

  • PERI UP scaffolding provided access throughout the project.
  • ACS Self-Climbing system for quick and safe forming of the core walls
  • Engineering support, drawings, and solutions for all forming requirements
  • Continuous coordination of all formwork and scaffolding processes through a PERI project manager on site