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Northgate Link Extension (N140 Station), Seattle, WA

Project data

Location: West Coast, United States

The Northgate Link Extension in Seattle adds 4.3 miles of new double light rail transit and two new underground stations (from U District to Westlake and from Northgate to University of Washington) as well as an elevated station at Northgate.


For the construction of the U-District station (or N140 station) approximately 86 feet below grade, the contractor required a tall and flexible shoring solution that would satisfy the height requirements, go up fast and not get in the way of work on the ground.

Walsh Construction selected PERI UP FLEX to build the 80 foot tall shoring towers in combination with MULTIFLEX Girder Slab Formwork system.

The modular system outshines conventional shoring systems through integrated productivity features, such as self-locking wedges and endless flexibility in terms of its layout, making quick work of going around beams and other obstructions on the project.

To allow for unobstructed thru traffic underneath the shoring towers, RCS rails from PERI’s VARIOKIT rentable components kit were being used as trusses, supported by MULTIPROP aluminum props.


Walsh Construction

Customer's benefit

PERI UP FLEX goes up fast and allows great flexibility for tall shoring applications

PERI solution

Tall and flexible shoring solution