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MAXIMO Panel Formwork


Developed by PERI, the MX tie technology with one-sided tie installation greatly accelerates formworking operations. At the same time, MAXIMO is significantly faster than conventional panel formwork despite the lower site personnel requirements. Due to the innovative tie technology and optimized number of tie points, working time values for the system are verifiably up to 50% less. In addition, the centrally-arranged tie points result in a regular joint and tie pattern both horizontally and vertically.

Faster tie installation
through the one-sided tie technology without spacer tubes and cones

Minimum of anchors
through the optimized tie point arrangement

Improved concrete finish
through the neat joint and tie arrangement

Technical Details

  • With MX tie technology featuring ties installed from one side for wall thicknesses from 8” to 24”, thicker walls with DW ties
  • Minimum use of filler timbers with 6 panel heights from 30 cm to 3.30 m as well as 5 panel widths
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure 80 kN/m²
  • Neat and tidy joint and tie arrangement with reduced number of anchor components
  • Centrally-arranged tie points ensure an attractive concrete finish
  • Each tie point must be used, closing of unused anchor positions is not required
  • One-sided tie operations with wall thickness adjustment
  • System components for wall connections, T-junctions and corners
  • Brackets and platforms are available in a modular safety system to ensure safe working conditions
  • Reliable closing technology for all basic requirements with test certificates
  • Fully compatible to TRIO panel formwork
  • Can be used with the MX and DW tie systems
  • Powder-coating of the elements prevents concrete adhesion and makes cleaning easier
  • Corrosion protection by in-band galvanizing and cavity sealing
  • The reference working time values lie between 0.15 h/m² and 0.38 h/m² – this means up to 50 % less working time as required for conventional panel formwork.

Extended Program

MAXIMO Panels as well as internal corners and shaft elements are available with heights of 3.00 m and 3.60 m, too. These additional panel heights are available on request and guarantee additional time savings for larger floor heights, for example, in high-quality residential construction or even for underground garages. The 3.00 m high panels only require 2 anchors which ensures further savings of time. The MX 18 Anchor System is used for wall thicknesses of up to 60 cm.

MXP Platform
The platform system with maximum safety for MAXIMO and TRIO panel formwork Extended programme

MXH Heated Formwork
Especially for markets with colder climates, e.g. Scandinavia, PERI has developed the heatable MAXIMO MXH formwork. The new PERI solution allows use in both summer and winter with only one formwork system.
For using the new system, the MAXIMO Panels is very simply fitted with heating elements. Assembly of the panel formwork and heating elements is carried out horizontally; only 2 mounting bolts are required on the 4 frame corners each time. The standard height of the heating elements is 2.70 m with standard widths of 2.40 m and 1.20 m. Corresponding extension elements and practical details such as suitable box outs for the BFD Couplers as well as for connecting the bracket system ensure efficient application of the MXH heatable formwork.

MXK Bracket System
The MXK Bracket System serves as a working platform on MAXIMO and TRIO. The modular design and lightweight, manually-assembled system components ensure fast installation and a high level of costeffectiveness. In contrast to conventional solutions, the modular system provides pre-assembled individual components, e.g. the MXK Scaffold Deck or PROKIT PMB Side Mesh Barrier.

MX Shaft Corner 
The MX Shaft Corner allows complete sets of shaft formwork to be moved quickly. Attaching and releasing is easily done from a safe position on the working level.

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