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GARAGEDECK is an extension to PERI’s existing MULTIFLEX system designed specifically for the construction of beam and slab post­tensioned parking garages. The system is made in the USA and specifically tailored toward US-style parking garages. GARAGEDECK leads an increasing number of contractors to make the switch from a precast to a cast-in-place solution for the construction of parking garages: Due to its ease of use, labor can be trained very quickly thus eliminating waiting times for the fabrication of precast components. As a result, contractors can often deliver a structure with no design limitations in superior quality for the same or lessor budget vs. a precast option. 

Allows placing, stripping, moving, and resetting very large areas of formwork very quickly with few people

GARAGEDECK’s 100% rentable components are pre­assembled at a PERI warehouse and delivered to the jobsite ready to be used.

Fast cycle times
Due to system-integrated foldable shores and rollers that allow moving and resetting the beam table quickly

Technical Details

  • The system consists of beam tables configured to the width and depth of the post-tensioned beams and slab tables that span between the beam tables. As a result, the system allows slabs and beams to be concreted at the same time. 
  • A great benefit of GARAGEDECK as compared to other garage beam systems is the use of MULTIPROP shores for the beam table legs. The MP 250 shores used for typical 7’ beam to slab clear story heights can quickly be replaced with taller MULTIPROP shores up to MP 625s for clear story heights to 23’6” without the need for stacked shores.
  • The shores are attached on hinge plates and fold up, this makes it easy and quick to move the system on rollers and set it up at the next location. 
  • Cast in Place parking garages are a beneficial construction method as center light walls are eliminated and typically a 30" column is only required every 28' leading to better lighting options and sight lines and therefore less signage. With some designs having no caulk joints, the ride becomes smoother and structural maintenance minimal. No perimeter girders that have ledges for dirt, birds and rodents to make their home will also please the owner. The GARAGEDECK system allows for any beam size and slab thickness to be accommodated in the cast in place designs with the same parts and pieces. 

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