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The clever details and low component weight make for safe assembly and dismantling processes.
PD 5
PD 5
Shoring system for simultaneous support of beams and slabs
Adaptable, streamlined 10k shoring solution for quick installation and dismantling with medium-load bearing capacity.

Reliable Flexibility

Featuring only six lightweight components and integrated locks, the PD 5 10k shoring system delivers optimal performance through streamlined design. Achieve quick, continuous height adjustment and easy assembly and dismantling for slab and beam formwork on any job site. A low-component, simple logic system, PD 5 shoring can be hand-installed without the need for skilled labor and is compatible with PERI UP safety components for enhanced security.

  • Ideal for slab and beam formwork
  • 6-component system with integrated locks for fast, intuitive assembly
  • Lightweight for ease of transport
  • Can be assembled and dismantled vertically or horizontally
  • Powder-coasted frame delivers a medium load-bearing of up to 12,000lbs per leg
  • Continually adjustable height
  • Simultaneous support for beam and slab formwork
  • Compatible with PERI UP safety components

PD 5 Brochure

PD 5 shoring system overview, components, and project examples

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Simpler, Safer, and More Cost-Effective

Introducing PD 5, a streamlined shoring solution that delivers simultaneous support for beams and slabs in one, lightweight system.

An Introduction to PD 5

PD 5 vertical assembly for beam
and slab formwork

PD 5 Projects

Browse projects and see PD 5 shoring systems on-site

Centene Corporation

When faced with the challenges of a condensed concrete timeline and complex cantilever design, the construction crew at the Centene Corporation headquarters in Charlotte, NC turned to PERI PD 5 shoring towers for their high load-bearing capacity and easily adjustable height to support the project’s 30-foot cantilevers.

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500 West Trade

Lithko Contracting utilized more than 14,000 square feet of PD 5 frame system for 500 West Trade, a 14-story residential tower with tight laydown areas and a lack of slab on grade. The lightweight PD 5 system allowed for easy vertical tower erection with faster, safer production

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Mattapan Station

Construction timelines for the mixed-use redevelopment project at Mattapan Station in Boston, MA were optimized with over 4,000 square feet of PD 5 10K shoring. The intuitive system allowed for easy, systematic assembly sequencing and accelerated work operations.

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One Chicago Square

Spanning almost an entire city block in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, the One Chicago Square construction crews utilized various PERI products to accelerate work schedules on the expansive project, including the flexible PD 5 shoring system.

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Hear from PD 5 Users

“Compared to typical 10K shoring, PD 5 is a lighter system. It’s much easier for the guys to handle it by themselves. It fits for a lot of different scenarios in concrete construction. The equipment is some of the best on the market.”

Kenny Graff 
Project Manager

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