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Panel formwork with one-sided MX tie technology
Fast-forming, streamlined, minimal component formwork for reduced site personnel, materials, and working time requirements

Time-saving Tie Technology

MAXIMO panel formwork delivers significantly reduced installation schedules through one-sided MX tie technology. Unlike conventional formwork, the MX tie system offers one-man installation from one side and is used without spacer tubes and cones. Developed by PERI, the MAXIMO system decreases on-site material requirements, personnel requirements, and installation times, verifiably reducing working time values by as much as 50%. With the added aesthetic benefit of improved concrete finishes through neat joint arrangement and centrally-set tie points, the MAXIMO system delivers efficient yet high-level performance for any wall-forming project. 

  • Ideal for a wide range of wall-forming projects.
  • Fast, one-sided, one-man installation
  • MX tie technology decreases on-site personnel and material requirements and eliminates the need for spacer tubes and cones
  • Reduced anchor requirements through optimized tie point arrangement
  • Impression- and bleed-free concrete finish through neat tie and joint arrangement
  • Compatible with various components of the TRIO panel formwork system as well as other extensions, including MAXIMO 300 and MAXIMO 360 extended panel heights, MXP Safety Platforms, MXH Heated Formwork, the MXK Bracket System, and the MX Shaft Corner.


MAXIMO Brochure

MAXIMO system overview, components, and project examples


Faster Installation, Better Results

MAXIMO panel formwork utilizes MX tie technology for a better concrete finish, reduced work time values, and increased on-site efficiency.


MAXIMO Projects

Browse projects and see MAXIMO panel formwork systems on-site

8th and Howell Hotel Seattle, WA

Contractors for Seattle’s tallest hotel – the 8th & Howell - relied on PERI MAXIMO Formwork for both the core and perimeter walls of the 46-story luxury structure.

Learn more about the project

Delbert Day Cancer Institute Rolla, MO

The one-sided installation of PERI MAXIMO Formwork made it the perfect solution for the efficient construction of three concrete cores for the new Delbert Day Cancer Institute.

Learn more about the project

David Glass Technology Center Expansion Bentonville, AR

When it came to achieving a neat concrete finish for a 23’ tall, 400’ long wall expansion at the David Glass data center, contractors turned to PERI MAXIMO Formwork to reduce tie requirements and minimize concrete bleed.

Learn more about the project


Hear from MAXIMO Users

“The MAXIMO forms made a really clean pour, even the corners, and not having to put anyone inside the core to do the ties was awesome. It improves safety, plus you can have them do something else instead.”

Shawn Jordan 

“I love those ties – they’re awesome. The walls look really good when we strip the panels. There’s nothing left around the ties, and you save a lot of manpower.”

Armando Pinega
Head Wall Foreman

MAXIMO Demonstrations

Access MAXIMO demonstration videos for your next project

Lifting panels

Forming foundations

MXK bracket system

Concrete shafts

Mounting push pull props

Installation of compensation waler

Connection of panel

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