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Park & Market Residential Tower, San Diego, CA

Project data

Location: San Diego, United States

UCSD is collaborating with Vancouver, Wash.-based Holland Partner Group to develop the tower and low-rise urban facility, which is expected to house classrooms, office space, an amphitheater, and other community space. The tower design includes a mix including 101 studios, 152 one-bedroom units, 127 two-bedroom units, and 46 three-bedroom units. Of these, 85 units will be set aside as affordable units, potentially for use by graduate students.


The contractor is using a PERI ACS Core 400 self-climbing system that has been optimized to require a minimum number of hydraulic cylinders.


JR Concrete, San Diego, CA

Customer's benefit

  • Further reduced cycle times due to the reduced number of hydraulic cylinders
  • PERI anchoring system uses only two bolts per bracket. And because the climbing bracket is designed to re-use the anchor hole of the working bracket, labor time is kept to a minimum.

PERI solution

  • ACS Core 400 self-climbing system was optimized to require a minimum number of hydraulic cylinders. Besides using long-stroke cylinders that make each lift with a single stroke, reducing the number of cylinders further reduces cycle time.

PERI systems in use