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Indeed Tower, Austin, TX

Project data

Location: Austin, United States

Once referred to by its city location, Block 71, now named for its primary tenant, Indeed Tower, a 38-story office building is now under construction in the heart of Austin’s Central Business District. Spanning a city block from north to south, the estimated 683,000 square foot Class A office tower will provide an unparalleled experience featuring a fitness center, conference center, and outdoor terrace. When complete the building will become the city’s tallest office building.

Due to the restricted space of the city, the ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing system is being used. Its single stroke cylinder enables fast climbing. The contractor can climb ahead of the slabs and without having to schedule crane time, freeing up the crane and delivering a safe and efficient method to form the high-rise building. RCS Rail Climbing System and VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork are also being used for the construction of the core.  RCS is climbing the exterior of the three-cell core to avoid penetration in the rebar, which is allowing for advancing two levels ahead of the wall construction.

To support forming of the underground parking garage, GRIDFLEX and MULTIFLEX girder slab formwork is being used.


  • High logistical requirements due to tight project timeline and limited jobsite lay-down space 
  • Limited jobsite space required innovative formwork solutions 


DPR Construction

Customer's benefit

  • The ACS Core 400 system used to lift the interior core wall formwork enables quick cycle times without the use of a crane.
  • Provided continuous engineering support for construction management during the entire execution phase, with numerous revisions to the structure occurring from bottom to top.
  • PERI logistics handled the shipment and return of equipment for this project on a tight timeline and with very little jobsite lay-down space to work with.
BB Lopez

“The ACS Core system is saving us. It has saved us on manpower and putting the climbing core up ahead of us, following our crane jumps which are helping us tremendously, allowing everyone else on-site more crane time.”

PERI solution

  • ACS Self-Climbing system, VARIO Wall Formwork, and RCS Rail Climbing systems for quick and safe forming of the core walls
  • Extensive engineering support, drawings, and solutions for all forming requirements
  • PERI site tech on-site providing support