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400 Park Ave South, New York, NY

Project data

Location: New York, United States

This prestigious 42 story residential tower project, located in New York’s prominent Midtown, only minutes away from Madison Square Park and Union Square, fascinates with a unique and modern appearance on the outside, while providing world-class amenities and services such as a rooftop terrace, indoor pool and fitness center to residents on the inside. Two trapezoidal shaped towers elevate up to 476 feet into Manhattan’s sky, complimented by two pavilion towers, endowing the condominiums with an unobstructed 360 degree view of the city, including the Empire state building. 

PERI took on the complex requirements resulting from this project with a range of systems; a combination of the RCS Rail Climbing System with the brand-new LPS Light Protection Screen, allowed for the creation of a safe perimeter around the building, thus satisfying the strict safety standards mandated by the construction manager.

PERI VARIO was used on the outside and close up forms were wood forms owned by the contractor. MULTIPROP props were used for reshoring the slabs. The cycle times of this project were four days at the beginning of construction and then three days for most of the building. Towards the top of the building it decreased to two days.


  • Flexible and cost effective perimeter Protection System
  • Special logistics support to accommodate New York's high traffic environment


Sorbara Construction

Customer's benefit

  • LPS telescoping feature allows easy adaptation to any building shape
  • Wire mesh screens let lots of light and air into the building
Albert DeRoss
Project Superintendent

“Once again PERI has demonstrated the ability to design an efficient solution for a very non typical challenging project. PERI was able to utilize telescopic side panels of the LPS system and custom shoes to provide a perimeter safety screen system to a building with difficult trapezoical shaped and battered slabs. The system was able to safely close in the perimeter of the building and obtain the safety for workers and the general public at Park Ave to satisfy a very safety conscious Construction Manager.”

PERI solution

  • PERI LPS Light Protection Screen climbs hydraulically from one level to the next
  • Light weight screens with mesh reduce wind loads