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David Glass Technology Center Expansion, Bentonville, AR

Project data

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

Nabholz chose MAXIMO Panel Formwork to build a new 23’ tall, nearly 400’ long wall for this data center expansion. The system requires far fewer ties, which yields cost savings in both material and labor. It also allows all work to be done from one side of the formwork, further reducing labor requirements and cutting the time required for setting and stripping.


  • Tall and long walls to be formed cost effectively
  • Neat concrete finish
  • Optimize labor productivity


Nabholz Construction, Services, Rogers, AR

Customer's benefit

  • Labor savings due to MAXIMO time saving features
  • Clean, neat concrete finish
Armando Pinega
Head Wall Foreman

“I love those ties – they’re awesome. The walls look really good when we strip the panels. There’s nothing left around the ties, and you save a lot of manpower.”

PERI solution

Taper ties installed from one side only
Minimum number of tie points
All tie points always used, no plugging of unused tie holes

MX 18 Tie for walls up to 24”
Fresh concrete pressure up to 1,600 PSF

Clean concrete finish due to centrally arranged tie points
No bleeding through non-sealed tie points

PERI systems in use