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Walcrest Water Reclamation Facility, Dallas, TX

Project data

Location: Walcrest, Dallas, TX, United States

Demand for water in Dallas has grown substantially since Walcrest was first constructed. As such, this facility has played a crucial role in the development and maturing of the Walcrest area of Dallas. It is part of a larger unified network of pump stations and water treatment plants that serves approximately 850,000 residents. With the updates, the new pumps will operate approximately 30% more efficiently than the existing pumps. 

General Contractor Webber LLC decided to self-perform the concrete work using PERI shoring for the construction of the new facility, after not being satisfied with a competing system used in previous stages of the project by a subcontractor.


PERI’s shoring system uses 32-37 foot tall 4 and 6 legged towers with modular tables on top for the slab formwork. One of the great productivity features of the PERI UP Shoring towers is that they can be moved by hand on castors. The castor attaches onto two rosettes of each post and then after the wheels are touching the slab, each base plate is pulled free and clear for transport.

Before the tables are transported the crews strip the tables above at the head spindles and then can push each tower with its table to the next location.

After setting the towers at the next location, the table is raised to the correct elevation with the head spindles and then the base spindles are lowered down before the castors are removed and taken to the next tower. This means no crane was needed for moving the shoring towers, resulting in big time and productivity savings.

The contractor also especially liked the UDI decks on the shoring towers as it allowed the crews to climb up easier than on conventional ladder frame scaffold systems. UDI decks are modular walkway planks that are safer than traditional scaffold planks as they cannot slide or be lifted by wind due to the integrated gravity lock.

For the 32-foot tall walls, the contractor used TRIO, ganging them up on the ground and then flying them in at full heights.


Webber LLC

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PERI solution

Tall shoring towers move-able by hand on castors