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TEXRail Stations, Dallas, Texas

Project data

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

PERI worked with Archer Western / Herzog JV on several stations for the expansion of the TEXRail network and provided formwork for several above ground light rail stations including the DFW Station and Iron Horse Station.


DFW Station

The DFW station is the end of the line at Terminal B at the DFW Airport. The scope of the project included 20’ tall, one-sided walls, for which we designed our VARIO formwork to attach to the soil nails in the new retaining walls. A coupler was attached to the end of the soil nail and then attached to the tie rod. It could carry the forces created by the concrete pressure without the need of A-Frames.

One of the most challenging aspects of the job were the architectural concrete support columns holding up the curving canopy roof structure above the station. They were poured up against the existing walls and serve as a support for canopies spanning between curved steel pipes. PERI did mock-ups with the contractor ahead of time and used sheet metal formliners to ensure a perfect finish.

Iron Horse Station

The scope of Iron Horse Station included a retaining wall and architectural staircase. The staircase was originally planned on being built using VARIO Wall Formwork to ensure a perfect architectural finish but since the steel structure behind it had already been built, there was not enough room for the 14 inch deep girder formwork. Instead, the contractor used TRIO, which is only 5” deep with a 1/8” gypsum formliner board with horizontal reveals.

Michael Langston from Walsh Group says “Peri's sales/engineering staff was attentive and helped us overcome design obstacles. Peri provided an on-call tech to answer questions and visit the jobsite to help us overcome the initial learning curve to assemble the forms. The walls were our biggest critical path item to perform. The ability to gang the forms and use them repeatedly helped us meet schedule and stay under budget. The whole form system was kitted and labeled before shipping, which helped to quickly put the forms together. Peri also fabricated a custom column and cap form that allowed us to place the column and cap monolithically and achieve the complex curves.”


Archer Western (DFW Station)

Archer Western / Herzog JV (Iron Horse Station, Beach Street Station and Northside Station)

Customer's benefit

The contractor appreciated PERI’s solution because the PERI VARIO form system allowed them to use a one-sided form system, with minimal penetrations for ties, resulting in very little rework or patch and rub.

Michael Langston, Walsh Group
Project Superintendent

These forms went together great. The design and mock-ups PERI did made this monolithic placement fairly simple.

PERI solution

Customized formwork solutions using mostly standard rentable components.