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Ohio River Bridge - East End Crossing, OH

Project data

Location: Louisville, United States

The East End Bridge over the Ohio River is a cable-stay bridge that consists of two 300’ tall “portal” shaped pylons. When completed, the total length of the main span across the Ohio River will be 2500 ft, with 104 stay cables weighing in at 1000 tons, and constructed by 1200 workers, including subcontractors.

The project requires 24,000 cubic yards of structural concrete and almost 6700 tons of structural steel. 


  • Special requirements that need to be met include a Class A Concrete Finish as well as pour pressures up to 2000 psf (95 kN/m2). 
  • For the lower legs, PERI designed a custom material- and cycle time-saving “Leap Frog” formwork solution with custom VARIOKIT trusses and VARIO formwork, where forms and platforms leap from segment to segment.
  • The roadway strut top slab is formed with MULTIFLEX, while the 15 segments of upper legs are climbed with ACS hydraulic climbing devices.
  • Access to the towers is achieved by VARIOKIT access platforms and PERI UP stairs. 
  • Additional challenges were presented by a hundred year flood requiring the access system to be redesigned; day and night crews are ensuring steady progress of the project. 



Customer's benefit

  • Engineering support and material for the construction of the lower and upper legs as well as the roadway strut  
  • Class A Concrete Finish
  • Pour pressures up to 2000 psf (95 kN/m2)

External Links

East End Crossing Official Website


Mike LaSalle
Sr. Project Superintendent

“The Automatic Climbing System (ACS) and heavy-duty VARIO formwork have allowed us to meet the project’s tight tolerances and schedule demands. PERI's extensive site service and engineering support have aided us in tackling the many project complexities.”

PERI solution

  • Extensive engineering support, drawings and solutions for all forming requirements
  • PERI site tech on-site providing support and ensuring correct, safe and efficient implementation
  • Innovative self-climbing solution, shoring and access solutions