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Ironton Russel Bridge, Ironton, OH

Project data

Location: Ironton, Ohio, United States

The replacement of the Ironton Russell Bridge, just upstream of the old structure that had originally opened in 1922, is long overdue. The new cable stay bridge that will connect Ironton, Ohio and Russell, Kentucky, features two diamond shaped 320’ high pylon towers, each made up of 2 legs. 


  • Forming of two diamond shaped 320’ high pylon towers, each made up of 2 legs
  • Scaffolding to provide safe access at all times
  • Internal tower leg forms
  • Tieless crane climbing solution


Brayman Construction

Customer's benefit

  • PERI engineering and design support to realize custom forming requirements
  • Tieless climbing forming system
Dustin Williamson
Project Engineer

“The PERI ACS R platforms have provided an easy to use and fast solution for the Upper Leg construction. The tieless VARIO GT 24 forms have also provided a consistent concrete finish throughout the project.”

PERI solution

  • For the construction of the legs, PERI has developed a solution to construct the upper leg segments of both pylon legs simultaneously using its ACS R system. The solution uses standard VARIO GT 24 Formwork with custom vertical trusses to provide a tieless formwork solution.
  • To enable safe and flexible access to the system at all times, PERI is providing PERI UP stair case towers sitting on VARIOKIT platforms. Once onsite personnel is trained to use PERI UP, assembly and modification of the stair towers is fast and easy.
  • The PERI team also provides engineering and design for custom steel forms and platforms for the internal tower leg forms. This solution is a crane climbing solution that is also tieless. The custom steel forms and platforms are fabricated by the contractor.
  • A VARIOKIT solution has also been designed to provide shoring and access to the “keystone” pour when the 2 pylon legs meet.
  • PERI also provides complete engineering and site support throughout the project, thus providing a complete “turnkey” solution for Brayman Construction.