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IH-820 Southeast Connector

Project data

Location: Fort Worth, TX, United States

The Southeast Connector will rebuild and widen approximately 16 miles of I-20 and I-820. The $1.6 billion project will widen I-20 to 10 main lanes from I-820 to US 287, and I-820 to eight main lanes from I-20 to Spur 303 (Rosedale Street) and reconstruct the I-20, I-820, and US 287 interchanges. This project will represent the largest investment in transportation infrastructure in the history of TxDOT’s Fort Worth district. This highly anticipated project will tie in the east and southeast part of Tarrant County to the central part of the county while relieving congestion. It’s not only important for Tarrant County and Fort Worth, but also facilitates trade, increases safety, and improves efficiency for the entire Metroplex. 


This project called for a versatile modular system solution capable of accommodating various cap forms, along with the requirement to adapt existing equipment using the PERI solution.


South Point Constructors

Customer's benefit

  • A modular system solution that would work for all of their different cap forms
  • Adaptation of owned equipment with the PERI solution

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PERI solution

VARIOKIT Pier System (VPS) in the simple dancefloor configuration with GT24 Girders and timber guardrails.

Construction started July 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2027.

PERI systems in use