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I-275 Widening Project (Section 7 Phase 1)

Project data

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

The project improves the I-275 Corridor from the 1-4/I-275 Interchange to North of Hillsborough Avenue to improve capacity, improve safety, and add sound barriers for nearby residential areas. The corridor will add one travel lane in each direction and see a widening of shoulders to accommodate Regional Rapid Transit. There are eight different overpass bridges to widen over intersections. There will also be pedestrian and bike enhancement at intersections for better pedestrian connectivity in the area.


The bridge widenings occurred on eight different bridges with a grand total of 17 new hammerhead bridge bents to support the widened bridge deck sections. The customer's biggest concern was to ensure the tight labor budget could be met to assemble, install, and cycle the formwork equipment through all the different cap structures which had different cap lengths and offset dimensions from the columns.


Lane Construction

Customer's benefit

  • Single day cap form cycling
  • Flexible soffit form for several cap lengths and offsets
  • No crane required for the operations

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PERI solution

This is an area where VARIOKIT Pier System (VPS) separates from the competition.  When compared to a traditional dancefloor, VPS saves days of crew labor on each cycle by keeping the dancefloor intact in two pieces when cycling.  When comparing to steel girder formwork, there is so much benefit in the minimal modifications needed to the VPS dancefloor vs. rebuilding steel girder formwork.

Lastly, due to the relatively low weight of the system, the contractor did not have to use a crane to perform assembly, lift the dancefloor or formwork into place, or cycle the equipment, saving thousands of dollars on crane rentals.

Construction started in the Fall of 2021 and work is ongoing, expected to be completed in 2026.

PERI systems in use