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Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement, Long Beach, CA

Project data

Location: Long Beach, CA, United States

The Gerald Desmond Bridge, built in 1968, has been an ongoing concern due to a low vertical clearance for large cargo containers as well as being in a highly active seismic zone. Completion of the replacement cable-stayed bridge is planned for 2018, with six travel lanes, a higher clearance and some of the thickest rebar densities we have seen at PERI.


The project required over 2,000 hours of specialized engineering and multiple assembly teams fabricating custom elements and components. The team minimized the thickness of the custom steel formwork to ensure adequate space inside hollow columns, some 5-ft, 6-in. across. Complications include 20-ft pour heights with tapering octagonal geometry.


SFI Joint Venture

Lloyd Villa

“With the intricate cast in place sections on this project, we used the VARIO for our vertical wall form with the use of the SCS on the hollow columns and the combo of RCS on the exterior and ACS on the interior of the end bent structures, along with SKYDECK on our mobile scaffold system. With all of PERI’s products on our job, we’re getting all of our concrete pours completed in a timely manner.”

PERI solution

  • Formwork is coordinated with the structural steel to ensure anchor ties are functionally positioned.
  • All formwork and platforms are preassembled by PERI off-site to speed construction.
  • PERI engineered self-climbing formwork in tandem with custom steel formwork to fit inside the tall and tight column geometry.
  • End bent formwork is hydraulically self-climbed through tapering octagonal geometry.
  • The interior soffit formwork is being formed by SKYDECK, as it must be cycled by hand through the valves in the bent.