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International Airport Parking Garage, El Paso, TX

Project data

Location: El Paso, United States

The new Consolidated Rental Agency Complex opening in the spring of 2016 at the El Paso International Airport will nearly triple the facility’s car rental capacity. The 3-story cast-inplace structure is being built adjacent to the terminal on an 18-acre site that was previously surface parking.

Local contractor Arrow Building Corp. is using the MULTIFLEX system to form the 6” and 7” post-tensioned slabs and GARAGEDECK components to construct 40” deep girder beams, located 60’ apart, and the 32” deep garage beams they support, which are typically on 30’ centers. The beam forms are preassembled at a PERI warehouse using 100% rentable components and delivered to the jobsite ready for use. As an extension of the MULTIFLEX system, GARAGEDECK beam tables are sized and configured to allow placing concrete for the slabs and beams at the same time.

Because rolling beam tables speed up and simplify moving the forms from one location to the next, with no disassembly, Arrow is able to work with smaller crews. Both GARAGEDECK and the MULTIFLEX system use MULTIPROP shores, but because the GARAGEDECK beam tables  support the slab tables, fewer shores are required. The result: much more open work area.


  • Labor efficient, easy and fast cast-in-place parking garage system
  • Rentable components
  • Large beam spacing


Arrow Building Corporation, El Paso, TX

Customer's benefit

  • Fully rentable cast-in-place beam and slab garage formwork system
  • Allows large spans
  • Beam tables easily roll from one section to the next on castors
Allen Orchard

“It was a huge benefit to receive
fully assembled garage beam
units from PERI. They strip easily,
stay together well and move as
big pieces through the building
to the next spot.”

PERI solution

  • Engineering support, drawings and solutions for all forming requirements
  • PERI site tech on-site providing support and ensuring correct, safe and efficient implementation