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Centre 425 Bellevue, Seattle, WA

Project data

Location: Seattle, United States

Site perimeter limitations made it impossible to excavate for this 16-story boutique office in the heart of Bellevue prior to constructing the 7 subgrade parking levels. PERI developed a plan using its standard RCS Rail Climbing System that progressed downward as each subgrade level was completed. PERI preassembled 14’ wide RCS truss tables, some as long as 78’. With the 41,000 ft², L-shaped formwork tables suspended from a steel frame at ground level, 132,600 yards of material was excavated one level at a time. The RCS formwork’s configuration flexibility easily accommodated the openings needed for the pre-driven steel columns supporting the steel frame.


  • No shoring rights on the two neighboring sides of the project resulted in unique requirement of slab tables being suspended from the top
  • Engineering and site support to accomodate this unique solution required


Sellen, Seattle, WA

Customer's benefit

  • PERI took the challenge of providing a solution in close collaboration with the contractor that would accomodate the site restrictions by the neighboring sides of the project

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Ian Hanly

“The lack of shoring rights on two sides of our project required a unique top-down construction method, and after reviewing multiple shoring systems, the PERI system stood apart from the group. Their team engaged in project meetings and engineered a series of tables which could be suspended from a steel superstructure above. PERI prefabricated the bulk of the large tables offsite, which really helped streamline the initial installation onsite, especially since our urban site had very limited laydown and storage space. Although the topdown sequence was unfamiliar to our team, the familiarity with PERI and their willingness to help overcome this unique challenge made the project a success.“

PERI solution

  • Engineered a series of tables that can be suspended from a steel superstructure from above