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ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing System


The brand new ACS Core 400 Self-Climbing Formwork System for cores has been designed specifically with the US High-Rise market in mind. The system features a high capacity single stroke cylinder that climbs to the next level in only 20 minutes, while less brackets, anchors, and overall parts and pieces result in faster cycling times with less labor. More benefits include preassembly of both the internal and external platforms as well as increased safety and less crane time when installing the external suspended platforms.

Further, the ACS Core 400 can support large concrete placing booms, the increased reach allows pouring slabs and walls simultaneously.

Comfortable, highly load-bearing working platforms
Spacious roll back area for the formwork and large platforms on all levels create optimal working areas

Economical anchor technology 
Only 2 anchor points per bracket – the climbing bracket re-uses the anchor hole of the working bracket as the system climbs to the next level, thus saving a lot of labor time

Quick, safe climbing in one lift 
Synchronous, single stroke climbing without any unsecured building edges

The ACS Core 400 system is optimized for massive high-rise cores with large cell dimensions and wall heights of 2.70 m to 4.85 m (~16 ft.), which can be climbed continuously in one stroke. This allows for extremely short cycle times with minimal labor requirements.

The ACS Core 400 is primarily used with the Girder Wall Formwork VARIO GT 24 and especially developed Shaft Corner and Stripping Elements. It can be stripped manually or hydraulically with the push of a button. Alternatively, the climbing system can also be combined with the panel formwork MAXIMO or TRIO

The long-stroke cylinders used have a lifting force of 40 tonnes. A systematic oil flow check ensures synchronous climbing of the entire internal and external formwork – also with high load differences. The cylinders can be controlled individually or all at the same time from a central location at the pump.

Spacious and particularly stable platforms ensure safe, comfortable working areas and the necessary load bearing capacity for material storage.



Labor Saving
Preassembly available for just-in-time delivery of internal and external
platforms. Reuse of anchor points from Working Bracket to Climbing Bracket
saves on required embedded material and installation costs.

The 40 ton, single stroke hydraulics lift the entire unit to the next level in only
20 minutes. Top platform designed to support large concrete placing booms
independent from core size.

One central pump with individual controls for each cylinder allows for
fast, simple and easy leveling and alignment. On-site assembly is quick and
safe thanks to simple & intelligent connections of pre-assembled platforms.

System accommodates complex geometries such as internal lobby
slabs and wall steps while also having continuous flexibility in the location
of the working platform in relation to the formwork height.

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