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Projects with open facades and many recurring levels yield the greatest benefits using slab tables.

Slab Edge Features
UNIPORTAL allows for large cantilevers and can accommodate all geometries, including circular building shapes, by using a trapezoidal girder arrangement. A great addition for use with interior panelized or grid slab systems to maximize exterior access, especially as needed in PT slab construction. Integrated handrails save time and secure the perimeter immediately. Adapting to the shape of the structure means that infill areas are reduced to a minimum.

Cycling Equipment 
PERI offers an array of cycling equipment that can be utilized with our UNIPORTAL system. Lifting Forks can be used to move tables from floor to floor while our Trolley can be used to move tables around on cast slabs.  

Foldable slab props
The firmly mounted slab props, foldable in one direction, allow easy setting, lowering and moving of the tables. Tables can also be preassembled off-site, shipped compact, and the foldable legs can be quickly added on-site. 

Increased prop loads
UNIPORTAL is compatible with both our steel PEP props in addition to our high capacity MULTIPROPs. This flexibility allows for project designs that are practical, economical, and safe.