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Custom Steel Formwork


Custom-made for  your project

PERI USA has the means and resources to manufacture heavy-duty steel formwork – custom made for your project requirements.  Most commonly used in Heavy Civil construction, typical applications are tie-less column solutions for bridge columns and cap formwork.  However custom steel formwork can also simply some applications in general building, high rise, non-residential, and industrial projects as well.

Cost Effective

PERI’s sales engineers are trained to help you evaluate forming projects to find the most cost effective solution for our customers.  Considerations must be made regarding project schedule, required cycling speed, site labor productivity, as well as the technical requirements to ensure our customers receive the most cost effective solutions for their projects.  

Concrete finish

The steel form face provides a uniform and clean finish.  Optional tieless solutions further enhance the visual appeal while also reducing associated labor costs with grouting and patching tie holes.

Fully integrated services

From the initial forming concept through design, fabrication, delivery, and execution on the jobsite, PERI gives support to ensure a successful project.

Technical Details

Innovative Corner Tie

The unique sleeve bolt design allows for generous spacing of the corner ties every 2 feet. No impact wrench required for installation and removal


Two panel widths, 5’ and 8’ allow for column sizes from 6”x6” up to 8’x8’ with no thru-ties, adjustable in 6 inch increments.

High Quality Finish

Steel panels with single joints and cover plates designed for perfect fit flush with the form face produce a Class "A" finish.

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