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Alpha Column (US)


The Alpha Column [US] is an imperial column formwork system developed for the US market needs of safety and high pour pressure capacities.

The panels are constructed from highstrength steel and 1/2" plywood coated with phenolic resin, providing an attractive plywood finish.


These universal panels feature predrilled holes spaced at 2" intervals, enabling the creation of tieless columns up to 36 inches in width.


The system includes integrated brace connectors, handles, and OSHA compliant tie-off points, reducing the need for additional components and accessories on-site. These enhancements improves productivity without compromising safety.

Low Maintenance

The shape of the profiles reduce concrete adhesion, reducing costs in maintenance.

Technical Details

  • Pour Pressure: 1650 psf (Up to 24") | 1250 psf (Up to 36")
  • Column Sizes: 6" - 36" tieless
  • Size Increments: 2"
  • Panel Sizes│Weight:
    • 2' (H) x 3' (W)│59.08 lbs
    • 4' (H) x 3' (W)│108.47 lbs
    • 9' (H) x 3' (W)│213 lbs

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