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The raw material is harvested from sustainable pine plantations. Pinus spp logs are pre-sorted and laminated as needed. For the formation of plywood, sheets are classified according to their density, which impacts directly on their physical and mechanical resistance. Veneers are selected for the panel based on their mechanical properties. The fiber used comes from the oldest part of the log, giving the finished product better strength and stability. The PERI BBOES panel is glued with a waterproof phenol-formaldehyde resin(WBP), specially designed for outdoor use or protected environments where the elements are subjected to humidity, drying, or action of water. 




Technical Details

Thickness: 12, 15, 18, 19mm

Panel Size: 4' x 8' 

Weight: 1.67-2.45 lb/ft²

Unit Quantity: 40-70 Panels

Features and Benefits

  • Increase of concrete placement cycles compared to traditional plywood.
  • Easy to machine and install using conventional woodworking tools and fasteners
  • TECO Certification. Structural Plywood. Strong and rigid panels.
  • Light and dimensionally stable.


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