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LN-100 By Topcon


The World’s First 3D Positioning System Designed Specifically For Construction Layout
The first time you see it you know it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Its clean, innovative design tells you that the LN-100 is a game changer. The LN-100 strips away complexity to deliver an easy-to-use tool dedicated to construction layout. The LN-100 utilizes Topcon’s time-proven laser and robotic total station technologies to create a totally new tool that’s easy to use, without sacrificing the accuracy and versatility demanded for all types of construction layout.
With the press of just one button, the LN-100 automatically self-levels and is ready for action. Fire-up its hand-held, touch-screen controller and you are ready to go to work.
With the wireless controller, call up simple point layout or large CAD drawings—right in the palm of your hand, anywhere on the site. Display the design point or line that needs to be staked out, touch it, and the LN-100 laser immediately points to the exact location. It can also lock onto a prism and guide you to the next design points. One-person layout has never been this easy.
From traditional utility layout, to foundations, electrical, plumbing, walls, ceilings, HVAC, and much more, layout anything on the job site up to 100 m away. Never before has construction layout been so powerfully simple.

3D Layout Tool
The LN-100 is a compact, self-leveling, easy-to-setup 3D layout tool designed for construction layout. Use the LN-100 instead of theodolites tapes or other layout tools. Compact, rugged and very light weight, the LN-100 is ideal for construction layout and as-builts.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Construction coordination is essential for any building project. Knowing what was done before and working from the same design plan is critical to maintain schedule and avoid costly collisions. With Topcon’s BIM solutions you stay connected to the same design.

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