ACS P Self Climbing System

ACS P Self Climbing System ACS P Self Climbing System ACS P Self Climbing System More images  

The self-climbing formwork scaffold with large working platforms for any building core layout.

The self-climbing formwork scaffold with integrated working platforms for any building core arrangement. It provides the optimal solution for advancing cores in highrise buildings, and tower-like structures.

The platforms (P = platform) form large-sized storage and working areas. With the ACS P system only very few platform beams cross the walls which has the advantage in that the reinforcement can be partially pre-assembled.

The ACS P (P = platform) self-climbing system from PERI is a compact and complete forming machine for cores of highrise buildings and tower-like structures. A scaffold construction, adapted for the building, carries the whole weight of the construction including dead and live loads, e.g. quantities of reinforcement steel for each climbing section.

No leading edges are created during climbing which could be a fall hazard. Great importance was attached to ACS P design that there was unhindered movement on all working levels. Site personnel should have free access to the formwork and climbing unit. The complete enclosure of the platforms, which provides protection against the wind, allows working and climbing to be carried out in all weathers. The comfortably designed platforms ensure safe and efficient working routines as on the ground.

  • Crane-independent
    Crane-independent forming, striking and climbing speeds up the work procedures on the construction site and also makes them independent of each other. This means the planned sequences can be maintained along with guaranteeing high productivity levels. The crane can therefore be used for other tasks.
  • Climbing in all weathers
    The PERI ACS can be climbed during all conditions which means that weather-related delays in the construction progress are avoided. In order to provide protection against the weather, the working platforms can be enclosed. The comfortably designed platforms allow safe and efficient working routines as on the ground.
  • High bearing capacity and safe
    The stable working platforms are able to carry large loads, e.g. the storage of reinforcing steel for the next climbing section. Generously-sized working platforms, the well thought-out design for handling very high wind loads and the patented control function of the climbing mechanism are some of the special details contained within the comprehensive safety concept.
  • Modular system
    For optimal operational sequences, the ACS R (R = regular), ACS P (P = platform), ACS G (G = gallows) can work next to each other on the same building or even be combined. Through the provision of customized extensions, the ideal solution can be found for even the most complicated structures.
  • References
  • Eighth Avenue Place, Calgary, Alberta
  • The Ladd Tower, Portland, Oregon
  • The Elysian Hotel and Private Residences, Chicago, Illinois
  • Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • Eleven Times Square, New York City, New York
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