PERI UP Scaffold Units

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PERI UP Scaffold Units for all job sites

Simple ordering process, fast and safe assembly

On basis of the PERI UP Rosett modular scaffolding, standardized scaffold units are put together. In so doing, the greatest possible flexibility is achieved using only a minimum number of the same components. They can be used for assembling a reinforcement scaffold in just the same way as for the erection of stair towers or a working platform – this saves investment costs.
Each scaffold unit is completely documented with drawings, parts list and proof of stability. In the assembly instructions, the standard erection method is clearly and understandably presented.

The following scaffold units are available:
PERI UP reinforcement scaffold
- erection height up to 10.60 m (5 levels) and a length up to 9.0 m (3 fields)
- system width 72 or 104 cm
- width of contact area 150 or 250 cm
- can be used as working scaffold in Load Classes 1 to 3 (0.75 – 2.00 kN/m²)
- no ballast required in front of formwork or walls
- movable by crane
Areas of application:
all work when positioned in front of the formwork e.g. reinforcement work, closing the formwork, setting the formwork ties, concreting work.

PERI UP stair towers
- with staircase units in the same direction or alternating staircase units up to 70.0 m high
- basic dimensions 150x250 or 150x300 cm
- can be used as scaffold stairs and as stair towers for a live load of 2.00 kN/m² per staircase unit corresponding to Class A according to EN 12811, Part 1
Areas of application:
as a means of access to temporary working areas at high levels, as construction site entrance

PERI UP working platforms
- erection height of 2.30 to 10.30 m with access ladders between the levels
- basic dimensions 150x250 to 300x300 cm
- can be used as working scaffold in Load Classes 1 to 5 (0.75 – 4.50 kN/m²)
- movable by crane
Areas of application:
all work on walls or slabs such as touching up/repairs, installations

  • Easy and quick assembly
    The shape at the end of the ledger together with the Gravity Lock makes assembly very easy. By inserting the wedge head into the rosette, the wedge drops by gravity into the hole and locks.
  • Decks with integrated lock against lift off
    The PERI decks come with integrated lock against lift off. Thus the deck is secured the moment it is placed and moved sideward. There is no need for additional components. The scaffold decks can easily be removed and replaced even after finishing erecting.
  • Fewer components = less investment costs
    With the PERI UP Scaffold Units, only a few components are required in order to economically realize an extremely diverse range of on-site scaffold operations.
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